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About Me

My name is Dr. George L. Newsome, III. Ten years ago, I founded a company designed to assist psychology teachers in a very specific area: using engagement in explanatory modeling activities to develop students’ higher-order thinking skills. In that time, I have spent countless hours researching and developing a system that will be a great asset to complement your curriculum…

What I Do

Simply put, I make your job easier. My research in explanatory modeling activities is frankly invaluable, simply because of the time it can save you. I have already done the work. I have already done the research. That’s what I’m selling you – my knowledge. I can help you help your students achieve a deeper understanding of psychology through engagement in explanatory modeling activities.

What is Explanatory Modeling?

Explanatory modeling is a form of model-based reasoning that is used to derive explanatory hypotheses about phenomena.  In the typical explanatory modeling task, students are given a description of a phenomenon and asked to do the following:  (1) they begin by constructing, evaluating, and revising a model of a system of variables that might produce that phenomenon.  Model construction involves incremental cycles of improvement until a model is achieved that satisfies all known constraints on relations of dependency among system components.  Then, they (2) use constraints on the spatial, temporal, and active organization of mechanisms to instantiate the variables in their model with activities of entities to generate a space of alternative hypotheses and (3) design empirical methods of investigation to choose among alternatives and to further evaluate and revise the selected hypothesis. These kinds of activities have been shown to contribute to conceptual innovation in science and to greater depth of understanding by students.

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